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Our Services

  • 30 min

    30 US dollars

Car Evaluations/ Pre-Purchase Inspections- Buying a car online, and need
Someone to look it over before you purchase it? We can help. We’ll view and

inspect the vehicle and supply you with a comprehensive report with photos to highlight potential issues.

Are you planning a build and looking for advice
on a direction? Do you need help determining what you may need in order to
achieve the look or stance that you want for your car? Are you in the middle of
the build and the parts that you bought from someone online are causing
interference issues and you aren’t sure why? Schedule an appointment and we
can help you figure it out. 

If you bought your car from a
dealer or auction, and your tops don’t fit, body lines aren’t correct, windows
don’t roll up properly...etc., where do you take it for correction? We excel at this
type of work, and will do the work that you want done. Recently, due to the rise
in popularity of the model, our main customer base is one that has been looking
for this type to purchase, and has been disappointed with the quality of what
they found, or bought.

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